Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The story of Rosa Parks

Hi everyone,
some panels I did for Cornelsen Schulverlage GmbH, last Summer:

The year was 1955 and the place was Montgomery, Alabama. Slavery had ended in 1865,
but there was still segregation in parts oft he American South. Black and white people went to different schoolss, they sat in different waiting rooms, ...

... and on buses white people sat at the front, black people sat at the back. When the bus was full, black people had to give their seats to the white people.

On December 1st, 1955, a young black woman – Rosa Parks – got on a bus in Montgomery.
The seats at the back of the bus had filled up, so Rosa sat in the middle of the bus, beside another black man.
On the other side, two black women sat down.

At the next bus stop lots of people got on. The bus was full, and one white man didn’t have a seat.

„Let me have those seats,“ the white bus driver said.
The black man beside Rosa and the two black women got up and stood at the back oft he bus. Rosa didn’t move.

Because Rosa hadn’t moved, the bus driver stopped and called the police.
„Why do you push us around?“ Rosa asked.
„I don’t know,“ one police officer answered.
„But the law is the law!“ They arrested Rosa

After the police had arrested Rosa,
there was a big meeting in Montgomery. The people were angry and decided to protest.

No black beople would use the buses until the law was changed.

Before the boycott they had taken the bus to work every day. During the boycott they also stopped shopping in the town center. So the bus company and the big shops in Montgomrey started to lose money.

After the black people in Montgomery had protested for 381 days, the law in Alabama was changed and segregation on buses was no longer legal.
People began calling Rosa Parks the  „mother“ of the Civil Rights Movement.
She died in 2005.

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